Internationalt Samarbejde

Højboskolen har flere internationale aspekter, som det er muligt at læse mere om nedenfor.

- Erasmus+  samarbejde med voluntører fra europæiske lande

- Vi tilbyder faget 'Cambridge English'

- Modtagerklasser 

European Voluntary Service

We (the Volunteers) are currently participating in the Erasmus+ programm, by the European Komission, and we are staying for ten months in Denmark. The whole project is financed by the European Union to create intercultural learning experiences. 

How does this influence Højboskolen?

Due to the financial support of the European Union we are able to work for ten months as volunteers in Højboskolen. We are ingaged in lessons like English and German and are also part of creative lesson such as billedekunst, hjemkund, and håndarbejd. Furthanmore some of us are working in the SFO. 

Our goal is to offer the students an intercultral learning process, supporting the teachers and pedagogues and help the students to learn how to deal with language barriers.